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The Producers Club

Many listeners have complained that they couldn't find information on the Producers Club.
I thought I would post a blog entry detailing what it is .
This is what we originally set out to offer for the 2015 run of The Producers Club, it would run from April 1st 2015 to March 31st 2016.
1. Once again we would bring you the Private Producers Club Only facebook page.
2. A minimum of 3 Producers Club only podcasts (and you guys will have a say in that content).
3. A Bi monthly (every two months) newlsetter.
4. A minumum of two prize giveaways.
5. A small peice of UUOP merch, using our new logo. (i.e badge or sticker etc.)
Our new logo will be unveiled soon.
6. Meet up in the parks with Darren (and maybe Hunter ;-) )
7. A webcast/live chat with Lee and Tracey
8. Priority to The Producers Club members for on show Listener Q & A's

9. The opportunity to ask a guest a question.
 And also, if you pay the paypal payment fee, we will donate a minimum of $1 per member to give kids the world.
All this and MORE could be yours for a donation of $30 for the year.

As we are now quite a way in to that run, thus does not mean you cannot join.
To make it easy to keep an eye on where peoples memberships are we would look to add new members at the beginning of each quarter ( July 2015, October 2015 and January 2016).
Each time the price diminishing and also the benefits.
So, for example,if you wanted to join in the next quarter it would begin on the 1st if October and would cost $15 plus fees and you would receive everything as above except you would only get a minimum of 1 exclusive show, 1 prize giveaway and depending on the US meet and Live Stream, maybe not those either.

To find out anything else , please, email us at

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Dead Man's DIEgest - HHN Orlando Full Reveal

On this episode of the Dead Man's DIEgest Darren is joined by Nina and Gregory to discuss the full reveal for Halloween Horror Nights 25 in Orlando.

They talk all the houses, scarezones and shows, as well as some news items and wrap up going through the list of Universal Studios Hollywood houses and scarezones.


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HHN 25 Orlando: A History Primer

New to HHN?  This year, the 25th Anniversary of the event will feature reoccurring themes from the past 25 years of the event.  For a new visitor to HHN, this can be a little daunting.  Rest assured you will enjoy yourself whether you know the back story or not, but this primer will give you all the essential info to understand the references to past events.  I have separated the history by house and scarezone, as more information comes out I will update this article so keep it bookmarked! 

Freddy Vs. Jason

  •    Freddy Krueger was one of the three sub-icons for Halloween Horror Nights 17: Carnival of Carnage.  His only appearance at HHN Orlando before this year was HHN 17.   He has made 3 appearances at HHN Hollywood in 2007, 2008 and 2010.  Freddy also make a cameo during HHN 13 in the All Nite Die-In house.
  • Jason Vorhees was also one of the sub-icons for HHN 17.  He has made two appearances at HHN Orlando, HHN 17 featured Friday the 13th: Camp Blood and All Nite Die-In at HHN 13. He has also made an appearance in Hollywood at HHN 9 with Kill, Jason, Kill.

Insidious: Into the Further

  • Not really historical, but Insidious has appeared one time previously in Hollywood in 2013.  The house featured elements from the first movie. 

The Walking Dead

  •           The Walking Dead has been a current staple in both parks since The Walking Dead: Dead inside premiered at HHN 22 in 2012.
  • In 2013, Universal eschewed scarezones to feature scenes from the TV show.
  •             In 2014, The Walking Dead: End of the Line set the record for largest house in HHN History but will be beaten this year by Jack Presents: 25 years of Monsters and Mayhem.

The Purge

  • The Purge was featured as a scarezone last year at HHN 24 in Orlando and Hollywood.  This will be its first house experience.  It is rumored to be a late replacement for Scream, which pulled out of the event due to creative differences between the IP holder and HHN Creative.

American Werewolf in London

  • AWIL was featured as a house at HHN 23 in 2013. 
  • This year will be an exact replica scene for scene with updated animatronics and some visual upgrades

Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem

  • Will be the largest house in HHN history! 
  •  So far, we know the house will feature scenes from several different past HHN houses, including Forsaken, Nightingales and Gothic

   The Forsaken (HHN 21, 2011)
   (From the HHN Wiki)

  • The storyline of the haunted house is that prior to the start of the voyage which resulted in the discovery of America in 1492, Christopher Columbus, captain of the Santa Maria, and Antonio Cabot, captain of the Filipa Monez, both wanted to become the leader of the journey and were in constant rivalry with each other about who should be the leader. They eventually decided to go to Queen Izabella (who was actually Lady Luck) to decide who would win the position with a coin toss. Cabot chose 'heads' while Columbus was left with 'tails', and the coin landed on 'tails' resulting in Columbus becoming the leader of the voyage. Not long after the ships departed however, Cabot and his crew become increasingly more jealous of Columbus and so, they devised a plot to kill off Columbus so that Cabot would become the leader. Columbus and the captains of the Nina and the Pinta received word of Cabot's plans and the three other ships sank the Flipia Monez, killing Cabot and his crew. They then signed an oath in blood they they were to completely erase Caboot and the Flipa Monez from all records and were to never again speak of them, thereby establishing them as "forsaken".  In 1592, exactly 100 years following the start of the voyage, a strong hurricane is brewing along the coast of Spain. The hurricane is so powerful that it opens up a maelstrom in the waters and picks up the Flipia Monez from the bottom of the ocean floor, taking it above water once again and throwing it into a Spanish fort on the coast. Cabot and his crew then return as undead zombies and engage in violent battle with the Spanish soldiers guarding the fort.
  • Guests enter into the fort dungeon, the sounds of battle and shouting mixing with that of the raging hurricane outside. Water is seen pouring through the cell windows, and a Spanish soldier is hiding in one of the cells. In the cell across from him, a single Forsaken is seen hiding in the corner, his eyes glowing bright green as he turns his head to look at the guests. The wind blows, rattling the wooden shutters on a nearby window.
  • In the armoury, a soldier has been impaled twice and left to die against a barrel. A wounded Spanish soldier reaches toward the guests for help as a Forsaken with a dagger stabbed into one of his eyes attacks the guests at two points in the line.
  • Entering the commander's quarters, the commander himself has been cut in half and his torso left to hang from the ceiling by its wrists, dripping blood. Forsaken hidden by his alter and in his closet both attack with knives.
  • Continuing past some tapestries into the fort church, a hole has been broken in the wall and the glowing eyes of several Forsaken are seen through the fog, approaching the fort. One of them, armed with a massive sword, stalks through the pews at his new targets. Two more Forsaken are hidden across from him, taking advantage of the distraction provided.
  • Exiting the church, guests are now outside in the courtyard. Passing under the twitching bodies of hanged soldiers, they enter the courtyard and are hit by gusts of wind and rain from the raging storm. The mainmast of the ship has fallen over the wall and crashed into the center fountain, and several Forsaken stand around it, silently watching the guests. Another pair descend the stairs near the hanging bodies. A pair of Forsaken travel back and forth down the line, taunting and attacking. Entering a narrow hallway, wind blows through cracks in the walls and rain falls.
  • Entering the Forsaken's ship through a hole in the wall, the floor is slanted at an angle, requiring guests to hold onto the handrails to keep their balance. Forsaken are hidden among the cargo nets and hammocks, and some hide in trapdoors in the floor.
  • Returning to the fort, the glowing eyes of a Forsaken are seen far off in the distance, apparently floating in the fog. A green light glows, and suddenly the Forsaken bounds his way across thin air to reach in through the window. Several more Forsaken hide among the hallways and alcoves as guests exit the fort.

Nightingales: Blood Prey (HHN 21, 2011)

 (From the HHN Wiki)

  •  The Nightingales are creatures that have existed since time began immemorial, feeding on the weak, ill, and dying in wars and natural disasters. Patrolling WWI era trenches, you discover that you are more than just at war…you’re being hunted.

  • Guest immediately enter one of the myriad trenches crossing the Western Front, a British Mark IV tank stuck in its attempt to cross the trench. A nurse with inhumanly large teeth, a Nightingale, is perched on the top of the trench, eating a corpse. As you pass under the tank, you see that it's been destroyed: the underside of the tank has been ripped open, allowing a dead crewman to hang upside-down from it.
  • In the next room, a soldier appears from a nearby alcove and fires his M1911 handgun at a Nightingale to drive it away. Another soldier, a piece of shrapnel stabbed through the lens of his gas mask, reaches for help.
  • Returning to the trench, a soldier is seen standing guard with a Thompson several yards away. As you get closer, a Nightingale suddenly appears behind him and rips his upper torso off of his legs, spraying blood as he fires his gun wildly.
  • In the field hospital, the wounded and dead lie in their bunks, creating a confined and claustrophobic space. Several Nightingales are hidden amongst the beds. In the surgery room, a Nightingale eats a corpse as it coughs up blood. An artillery shell suddenly lands outside, creating a massive boom as lights flash through the window. Continuing into the next room, where the bodies of the dead have been literally piled for burial, a Nightingale goes wild and crawls among the dead.
  • In the adjoining rec tent, a Fokker biplane has crashed outside, one of the wings tearing through the fabric. Shifting lights create the silhouette of bodies impaled on debris outside the tent. A Nightingale cradles the decapitated body of a soldier on his cot as a record player gives a macabre accompaniment to the sounds of war.
  • Returning to the trench, pinpoints of light flash on sides of the trench as machine gun rounds impact nearby. Passing by a boarded-up storage alcove, machine guns suddenly begin firing nearby, the muzzle flash illuminating a pair of attacking Nightingales. Fleeing, you see a Nightingale feasting on a horse above the trench, squirting blood.
  • As you enter the final section of trench, a Nightingale flies overhead as another reaches for you through a collapsed section. A machine gunner (manning a compressed air replica of a Browning M1919), fires his handgun at the flying Nightingale before jumping on his gun and firing through the line to reach the one at ground level.

Gothic (HHN 22, 2012)
(From the HHN Wiki)

  • The Catedral de Caementum Animus is, by day, undergoing a building-wide architectural refurbishment. By night, the many stone gargoyles that keep watchful eye over the sanctuary come to life with the mission of protecting this sacred place against intrusion.

  • The stone Gargoyle statues in the opening scene were formerly located on the sides of the original Universal Studios Florida archway entrance (which was replaced with the current archway in 1998).
  • The stone gargoyles were also located at the beginning of the Grown Evil scarezone during Halloween Horror Nights XXI: No One Beats the House.

I will update this one once we get more information on what houses will be included. 

Body Collectors: Recollections

  • The body collectors first appeared at HHN 15, Tales of Terror in 2005.  They are based on the Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in appearance.  Their objective to to harvest parts and organs from their victims, turning them into tools and artwork. 
  • Shadybrook Asylum has been featured heavily at Halloween Horror Nights: (From the HHN Wiki) Shady Brook was a mental hospital that was famous for it being constantly overrun by the inmates and it is the main location of the PsychoScareapy series. It has a history of suicide, murder, human experimentation, and riots. The first major riot in Shady Brook's history was in 2003, when an inmate stabbed a guard with a fork. On October 13, 2004, Shady Brook admitted a man named Jeffery Dietze, who had gone insane following his discovery of the gruesome secret of the Horror in Wax facility he had recently inherited. In 2006, their first notable crazy arrived:
  • John "Jack" Schmidt, a murderer, also convicted of arson and terror. He cooked up a riot that not only enabled his escape, but also heavily damaged the hospital's reputation. The only house in the series that didn't actually take place in the hospital was PsychoScareapy 3: Home for the Holidays. In 2007, an entire bus full of inmates escaped on Christmas Eve. Over 25 people were killed by the madmen. The hospital was eventually shut down due to its dismal security record, although there are rumors that the abandoned building is haunted. In 2010, the Legendary Truth: Awakening team investigated the run down hospital. Apparitions caught on tape were sent to the sight to be analyzed.
  • Before Shady Brook was shut down, it housed a man named Floyd Mercer who faked his own insanity just to get away from the carnivorous succubus Lady Luck. However Lady Luck did manage to find him so Floyd hung himself to escape from her.

Appearances and References
·         PsychoScareapy - Appears
·         PsychoScareapy: Maximum Madness -Appears
·         PsychoScareapy: Home for the Holidays -Mentioned
·         Asylum in Wonderland -Mentioned
·         PsychoScareapy: Echoes of Shadybrook -Appears
·         Halloween Horror Nights 2011 - Mentioned in the game

Asylum in Wonderland

  • Asylum in Wonderland is based on a 2008 scarezone in Hollywood of the same name.  Alice in wonderland has also been featured several times in HHN history, including Scary Tales II house in 2002, Fractured Tales scarezone in 2008, HHN: 20 years of fear scarezone and The Hallow’d Past house in 2010

RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears

  • This house is run by Eddie Schmidt, brother of Jack Schmidt (Jack the Clown)
  • Eddie was supposed to be the icon of HHN XI in 2001 but due to the 9/11 terror attacks in the US, he was pulled and replaced by Jack.
  • There have been two other Run Houses, RUN in 2001 and RUN: Hostile Territory in 2006.  Both were in the Disaster Queue, which Run: Blood, Sweat and Fears will take place in this year.   The first RUN house was based on a game show, the second was more like the movie Hostel. 
Eddie’s Backstory

 (From the HHN Wiki)

  •  Eddie Schmidt is the brother of Jack the Clown. Eddie, like his brother, also wears clown make-up to mask burn scars. Eddie is portrayed as having been overly obsessed with 80s "slasher" horror films, particularly ones featuring chainsaw wielding maniacs. In his youth, he set up a haunted house event within the confines of the trailer park he lived in. A group of other teens set a fire in the trailer park as a prank, not knowing he was inside, trapping him and disfiguring his face and hands with severe burns for life. Later, Eddie would open his own variation of his brother Jack's funhouse, a "game show" called RUN. In it, visitors must escape from various torture devices and chainsaw wielders like himself without losing their minds. Later, with financing from his brother, he'd re-open RUN. This version was a murder-for-hire business, where Eddie and his goons would torture and kill victims for profit, like in the movie Hostel. Promoted under the misleading name of Oddfellows Ultimate Ventures, the business catered to a rich clientele...which would inevitably meet the same fate as the victims they hired Eddie and the rest of the staff to kill. The original plans for Halloween Horror Nights XI would have seen a different version of Eddie waging a war with the Chainsaw Drill Team against Jack and his clowns. This incarnation of the character, Edgar "Eddie" Sawyer, wasn't related to Jack and had it in for the clown due to his supernatural tendencies. This storyline was removed for the event, along with Edgar Sawyer, and the event solely focused on Jack's return.


Psychoscareapy: Unleashed

  • Psychoscareapy is the name for a series of houses that feature the patients of Shadybrook asylum.
  • This isn’t the first field trip for the Shadybrook inmates, they got out once before in Psychoscareapy: Home for the Holidays.  They took over the bus and crashed it into a family home and had a Christmas all their own. 


  •          This scarezone will feature Icons including The Caretaker, The Storyteller, The Usher and The Director

(From HHN Wiki)

Dr. Albert Caine, better known as the Caretaker, was the second original icon developed and first used for Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear in 2002. Once a well-respected surgeon, he became the caretaker of the Shady Oaks Cemetery in Willamette Valley. Caine later converted the Victorian-style mansion he and his family lived in into a mortuary/funeral parlor. For years during his career as a surgeon, Dr. Caine was intensely interested in the workings of the body and what happened to the patients he couldn't save, what happens to a person when they die. Caine and his family eventually used the deceased of the town as guinea pigs in unnatural and bizarre experiments. His demented "extended family", made up of blood relatives and deranged assistants, dug up the bodies of both the recent and not-so-recently dead and used them for either Caine's experiments, their elaborate "parties", or as house decoration. Caine performed these experiments in an attempt to discover the nature of the "soul". For fresh specimens, Caine would go into the nearby town to find homeless people, and, in what seemed like a charitable offer, invited them to his Mansion/funeral home until they got back on their feet. Instead of helping, though, he would perform horrifying surgeries on them, carving them open on the operating table while they were restrained and often fully conscious and without anaesthetic. Caine occupied his time performing acts of the basest cruelty: chemical injections, brutal amputations, live dissections, castrations without anaesthesia, electroshocks, even organ removal. Caine kept notes and audio recordings, but as time went on and his madness increased these became rambling discussions often delving into the philosophical. A few of Caine's assistants would sometimes thieve body parts during the surgery when he wasn't looking to use as dinner ingredients, even going so far as to use corpses as playthings in elaborate funeral parlor parties. He also performed experiments in fear, and wished to see how much the human mind could endure before succumbing to madness and death, which resulted in at least one person being buried alive.  The terrible sight was seen by two teenagers who decided to take a walk through the cemetery telling ghost stories. Walking past the gravestones and various monuments they heard music carried on the wind. Following the sound they came across the Shady Oaks Cemetery which is where they witnessed the Caine family dancing with the rotted remains of decaying corpses.

The Storyteller
(real name: Elsa Strict)

The event icon at Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror. She returned the following year as a co-icon alongside The Caretaker, The Director and Jack the Clown in Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16.  She is known for not having a fully flashed out backstory, threatening guests who ask about it.

The Usher
(aka Julian Browning)
The original Event Icon created for Halloween Horror Nights Orlando's 19th event, Halloween Horror Nights: Ripped from the Silver Screen.  Julian Browning was an usher at the Universal Palace Theater, a popular movie house that had been converted from a playhouse during the 1920s. Browning truly enjoyed working at the theater and loved the movies, especially horror movies, becoming something of an expert. However, Browning was also very strict about enforcing the rules, and hated rude patrons who disrupted the movie experienced for others. During a 1940 re-release of his all-time favorite horror film, The Phantom of the Opera starring Lon Chaney Senior, Browning engaged in a scuffle with a rude theatergoer. During the fight, Browning's flashlight was seized by the boorish patron who tossed it through the new screen, tearing it. As the furious usher went backstage to retrieve it, he was somehow entangled in one of the old playhouse's sandbag's ropes, causing him to die a slow, painful death of strangulation with his feet mere inches above the floor. It is also revealed that this was the first horrible event of many in the theater's history, meaning that either the Universal Palace itself is evil, or Julian's "revenge" has been to destroy other rule breaking patrons with classic movie monsters (almost in the same way the Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera would do by causing incidents in the opera house).

The Director
(real name Paulo Ravinski)

 The main event icon at Halloween Horror Nights 13. He would later appear as a co-icon with other returning characters the Caretaker, Jack the Clown and the Storyteller for Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16. Paulo has also appeared at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood. The Director has been revealed to be the first icon for Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios Singapore when it started in October 2011. Paulo Ravinski was born in Eastern Europe. Aspiring to be a filmmaker, he initially started out as a snuff film director, capturing actual human suffering, torture and death on his movie camera. His first project was a controversial feature known as The Widow's Eye. The film shocked so many of his country population that Ravinski was forced out, which is when he came to America. Law enforcement agencies and film critics call his work snuff cinema. The Director prefers his work to be referred to as "art". Some people found tamer examples of his work, such as The Blood Letting and Death Procession.  Paulo was hired by Universal Orlando to film his newest Horror film at their Islands of Adventure park. Here, he turned each area of the park into a real horror movie perspective as part of his dream project. The Director himself would appear in All Nite Die-In at the event.

The infamous Rat Lady will also be making an appearance in this zone!

Scary Tales: ScreamPunk

Image result for hhn scarytales

  • Based on a house from HHN XI of the same name, twisted versions of fairy tales. 
Will have a steampunk vibe, which was featured on one of the new Mardi Gras floats this year.  Lora Wallace, show director works on both events, maybe this was inspired?

Evil’s Roots

  • Should be similar to a scarezone from HHN XXI called Grown Evil
  • Mike Aiello said on twitter said it will have a “familiar entrance piece”.  The Grown Evil scarezone featured one of the stone gargoyles that used to top the original Universal Studios archway at the entrance, so expect that to return.  Bonus trivia:  The gargoyles were also featured in Gothic.

All Nite Die-In: Double Feature

  • Takes place in a DrIvE-IN movie theater in Carey, OH, which has been featured at HHN several times and is an iconic location in and of itself. Houses like The Skoolhouse, Reflections of Fear, Leave it to Cleaver, See for all the previous appearances, too many to list!
  • Will feature black and white classic and more current color monsters.  Those classic monsters have been represented since the first year of HHN, dubbed “Fright Nights”.


I figured Jack the Clown deserved his own section.  Icon to the Icons, Jack runs this show.
(From the Wiki)

·         Jack Schmidt is a fictional character created by the Universal Studios design team as an icon for Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights . He is an insane former circus clown and serial killer who murders his victims according to his twisted sense of humor. He was introduced as the first original icon for the event during it's tenth year, and became so popular that he has been used several more times over the years.

·         "There is nothing funny about a clown by moonlight"
-Lon Chaney, Sr.
·         Jack is an evil clown, and was inspired by examples of coulrophobia from both real life and fiction, most notably of urban legends of Phantom Clowns who in the early 80's were supposed clowns or men dressed partially like clowns in vans attempting to lure and abduct children. Child killer/party clown John Wayne Gacy also seems to be a major inspiration, as well as the Batman villain, the Joker. The part of his backstory where his corpse was found in a carnival attraction by a film crew was likely inspired by the real-life story of wild west train robber Elmer McCurdy, who's mummified corpse was used by his undertaker as an attraction for years, before being used in a number of carnival attractions, until he was finally discovered by the crew of The Six Million Dollar Man in 1976 the haunted house at the Nu-Pike Amusement Park in Long Beach, Calif.
·         Jack the Clown was the first icon with such an elaborate backstory, and his success prompted the creation of more icons for future events.
·         Jack Schmidt was a carnival performer who loved to entertain children with his practical pranks and prat-falls during his stint with Dr. Oddfellow’s Carnival Of Thrills. He had escaped a poor and highly abusive family years earlier to "run away and join the circus", leaving behind his younger brother, Eddie. But underneath the greasepaint and clown nose, he was a twisted murderer. He was wanted for the abduction and disappearance of several small children throughout the Southern states. Police officials and the F.B.I. soon caught on that the missing children followed a pattern that led them closer and closer to the traveling freak show. On Halloween 1920, the police were closing in on the Clown killer. Fearing capture, Jack revealed his sinister secret to Dr. Oddfellow in the hopes of possible concealment. The doctor, himself wanted by the police for the accidental death of several patrons in a freak circus accident years earlier under a different name, was not sympathetic to Jack’s cause. He quickly admonished him for potentially bringing the police down upon the entire band of miscreants. He asked Jack to show him what he had done with the bodies of the children. Jack revealed the bodies of thirteen children hidden in the confines of three small trunks that were kept in his traveling coach. Fearing the worst, Dr. Oddfellow had Jack murdered and his body hidden within the traveling carnival's House of Horrors as an exhibit, along with the bodies of the children. Years later, the Carnival was sold by Dr. Oddfellow, and the various dark rides and exhibits were split and sent to various owners around the states, including the House of Horrors and its grisly secret.
Sixty years later, in the Fall of 1980, a television crew from the BBC was documenting the great Dark Rides of America. They journeyed throughout the eastern seaboard looking for forgotten carnival rides and attractions and stumbled upon the House of Horrors as it sat abandoned in a Louisiana junkyard. The crew asked permission to film the interior and pried open the doors of the forgotten relic to step inside. The smell of decay was overpowering as the bright camera light illuminated the darkened corridors. Moving past the faded walls and hanging fabric, the smell began to increase. The cameraman retched as he panned his camera towards a series of trunks. Behind the trunks was a large wooden box stenciled like a children's toy. One letter filled each side of the box, J-A-C-K. The cameraman steadied his camera as the host of the show investigated the box. He found a large crank on the side of the box and turned it. It started to move with some resistance, but after a few twists, it freely moved in a clockwise rotation. A clanky musical melody played out as the host turned it. Suddenly, however, the Music stopped and wouldn't start again with his continued rotations. The camera light suddenly died, and then the crank rotated a few spins on its own. The top of the box flew open and a form sprung out. Affixed to a giant spring was the decomposing body of Jack Schmidt. After a thorough police investigation, the bodies of the thirteen children as well as the body of Jack were shipped to the local Louisiana coroner's office for further examination. Around midnight on Halloween, the van carrying the body and box of Jack disappeared into the Louisiana swamp in a freak accident. Later that week, the bodies of the BBC cameraman and host were found as the victims of a grisly and unsolved murder. Throughout the following years, urban legend retellings of the tale started, with a corresponding story about the decomposing body of Jack killing again. The legend states that Jack is searching for Dr. Oddfellow, in a thirst for vengeance. The legend also states that Jack will reward anyone who releases him from his toy tomb by turning the crank with a very special reward.
·         In 2000, Universal Studios bought the old props from the old House of Horrors, including what was sold as the box that Jack was trapped in for so many years. Apparently, some poor fool tried to test this claim, and Jack was unleashed on the unsuspecting Halloween Horror Nights guests for the first (but certainly not the last) time. Jack's presence lingered in some form or fashion throughout the years, until he was resurrected (but has been turned back into a mortal) along with other Icons for HHN's Sweet Sixteen celebration.

The Loony Bin

·         The now mortal Jack was soon caught by the authorities and committed to the Shady Brook Asylum For The Criminally Insane, an institution that had suffered an inmate escape a few years earlier. Though often isolated in the Maximum Security Ward, Jack's mere presence seemed to have an adverse affect on the unstable population, who started emulating the crazed clown, much to the staff's dismay. Eventually, the inmates started a mass riot, gruesomely tortured the hospital staff, and put Jack in charge of the facility. During the chaos, Jack found records that his former boss and murderer, Dr Oddfellow, was still alive (but presumably now a very old man since he had been on the job since the 1920s) and running a small traveling carnival.

Vengeance at Long Last

·         Jack left Shady Brook, traveling to the depravity of Dr. Oddfellow's Dark Carnival and Emporium. In the dark of night, Jack stalked into the tents and took his long-overdue vengence. When he emerged, he was changed. During incarceration, Jack got a taste of what it was like to run the show, and he desired to be the ringmaster of his own carnival. He dressed himself in the bright red coat and boots of a proper Ringmaster. He also adorned himself with a crude top hat and terrible trinkets of his liking. He completed the transformation with Dr. Oddfellow's prized possession (which also presumably what kept Oddfellow alive and in motion for 80 years): a silver-headed cane of souls. Putting the Carnival on hiatus, Jack spent the next few months traveling the world to find the right sideshow acts for his deadly Carnival of Carnage. He gathered a plethora of monsters, mutants, madmen and maniacs, many with egos nearly as large as his own, luring them with promises of fame, fortune, showbusiness, and plenty of fresh victims. After nearly a year of preparation, Ringmaster Jack opened his dark Carnival of Carnage in Orlando, Florida.

That will do it for this article!  Big thanks to HHNCrypt and the HHN Wiki for the data.  I hope you learned some things and remember to check back as I find out more information!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

HHN Orlando - The FULL REVEAL!

UPDATE: I have added comments from Mike Aiello on twitter to each house and scarezone!

It's finally here!  Universal has just released full details for HHN 25 in Orlando!  This year marks a quarter-century of scares, and it looks like it just may live up to the hype.  Here is the full rundown of houses:


Freddy vs Jason: The Battle Continues

This house will feature Camp Crystal Lake, Elm Street, and the famous boiler room scene.  Very excited for this one!

Insidious: Into the Further

This one is going to feature scenes from all 3 films, kind of like a "best-of" for the franchise.  The house will also bring you into "The Further", where spirits roam.  Will you make it out alive?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead will feature scenic locations from Season 5 of the TV Show.  It will also feature walkers waist deep in water, a first for HHN.  Be careful, it may be a splash zone!

The Purge

The Purge is rumored to be a late replacement for a house based on Scream due to creative differences with the IP holder and the HHN team.  This may not be the most cohesive and put-together house because of this, but I love the franchise and hope that it turns out well.  It will feature scenes from both movies and will feature the arena from the second film.

An American Werewolf in London

One of the fan-favorites from years past is making a triumphant return—the retelling of the classic 1981 John Landis horror film, An American Werewolf in London.

You’ll find yourself back on the English moors as you fend off attacks and witness the bone-crunching transformations. The best part? The wolf pack has expanded, and they’re going to be even more ferocious with a whole new look.

Twitbits:  Mike Aiello said on Twitter:
  • 2013's #1 maze is back An American Werewolf in London. Now we've never brought a maze back identically before. But this one deserves it.
  • You all are gonna relive this one scene for scene.. But there are a couple of new surprises.
  • John Landis was happy to have us do this again and we are thrilled to have it back!

25 Years of Monsters & Mayhem

This is our icon/tribute house that we were anticipating!  From the blog:

Jack is back and he invites you to join him for the ultimate reunion in horror. Universal classic monsters will attack from the shadows, meat-grinding maniacs will rip every scream from your throat, and ghosts of Horror Nights past will stalk you around every corner. You’ll find yourself dying to get in and relive your most haunting memories of the past 25 years of Halloween Horror Nights.

Twitbits:  Mike Aiello said on twitter:

  • 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem! The title says it all You are going to walk through scenes from the past! Forsaken! Nightingales! And more!
  • Also this maze is our largest!! Remember the size of Walking Dead last year.. Yup... 
  • Monsters and Mayhem is presented by Jack!!!
  • Mike also said fan-favorite Gothic is represented
  • He also said X-Mas is reresented when someone asked him the following: so happy to hear this!! Is it even longer than TWD last year? Please tell me H.R. Bloodengutz is back with a twisted x-mas

Asylum in Wonderland 3D

Alice in Wonderland 3D!  This theme lends itself perfectly to a 3D house!  From the blog:

A new volume of Scary Tales has been released by Ultra Violent Comics: “Asylum in Wonderland”. This time around, you’ll follow the white rabbit through the looking glass and into a murderous 3-D Wonderland. All of the beloved characters will come to life in this chaotic world with an insane, nightmarish twist. You’ll be left asking one question: Is it all really in Alice’s mind? Or are the images you see real enough to kill you?

Twitbits:  Mike Aiello said on twitter:

 Asylum in Wonderland 3D! Inspired by our scarezone from years ago.. We are gonna drop you into a most sadistic and psychedelic wonderland!

Body Collectors: Recollections

The Bodycollectors vs. Shadybrook house from the leak.  This may end up being my favorite!  From ze blog:

They have returned. The Body Collectors are on the hunt for the human parts they so desperately need. Emerging from the darkness on a cold, winter night, they descended upon the unknowing inhabitants of Shadybrook Asylum. Get ready to face their sharpened blades as the screams of their recent victims echo throughout the halls.

Twitbits:  Mike Aiello said on twitter:

  • The Body Collectors are back and we decided to play with a couple of themes..
  • The Collectors are going to invade Shadybrook in the late 1800's... They had to get their crazed assistants from someplace right?
  • The entire maze is set inside the asylum during a massive snowstorm.

RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears

Grab your Aquanet and tights because Eddie IS BACK!  Jack's brother wreaks havoc at HHN once again!  All you have to do is RUN!


Congratulations! You’ve been selected to be one of the lucky contestants on RUN, the most popular and brutal television show in the world. In this house, you’ll have to try and avoid the skilled assassins known as Reapers as you work through “death obstacles” designed to mangle and shred—all for the amusement of the audience watching from home. And good news: the now run-down Hellgate Prison has been selected as the battleground. Good luck!

Twitbits:  Mike Aiello said on twitter:

  •  RUN! We are taking this theme back to its roots as an 80's inspired game show..
  • The participants (you) are forced to face The Reapers - unique assassins with only one goal.. Slaying the hell outta you!
  • And the episode is airing within an arena inside the now derelict confines of HellGate prison.
  • When asked about this concept art, Mike said: one of the reapers is Canadian in RUN! That's his arena!


If you've never been to the event, scarezones are areas of the park that are specifically themed and that contain a large amount of scareactors concentrated in several areas throughout the park.  This year features 5 delightfully twisted scarezones, all very unique and exciting.  They are:

Psychoscareapy: Unleashed — The criminally insane inmates of Shadybrooke Asylum have escaped and unleashed their horror onto a Halloween block party in the streets of New York. Come join the party goers as the inmates kill for the best Halloween costumes for their very own special costume contest where you will be the judge. Oh, and this will be one of the bloodiest scare zones ever!
 Mike Aiello on Twitter: A Halloween block party gone horribly wrong when a Shadybrook asylum transport bus crashes and the inmates invade!!  This will happen in New York! A burning gazebo, shadowed kills happening within building windows!! Complete chaos!!

ICONS: HHN — And now for the scare zone I’m looking forward to the most! It’s time to take a look back in history and come face-to-face with the icons from our past. Iconic characters from the event’s 25 year history such as The Caretaker, The Storyteller, The Director and more will be found roaming the streets of Hollywood. I’ve even heard The Rat Lady will be making her grand return!

 Mike Aiello on Twitter: "Whether event Icons or iconic characters they will roam this area.                        With special kill moments! For Caretaker Director Storyteller and Usher!"

Scary Tales: ScreamPunk — This year, we’re bringing to life our most horrifying Scary Tales characters with a new twist. This steampunk-inspired version of Scary Tales is sure to leave you screaming.

Mike Aiello on Twitter: Ave of the Stars will contain Scary Tales - ScreamPunk!

Evil’s Roots — It’s time to be immersed in Halloween’s most evil traditions in the scare zone located in Central Park. Here you’ll find the event’s traditional jack-o-lanterns in the air as you encounter evil fairies, humanoid bats, scarecrows and more. Think “Grown Evil” from 2011 but on a whole ‘nother level!
Mike Aiello on Twitter: Central Park- Evil's Roots! All the traditions of Halloween, Pumpkins and spiders.. Even a familiar entrance piece..

All Nite Die-In: Double Feature — Last but certainly not least is a double feature of horror at The Carey DrIvE IN movie theatre. Wander down the streets of San Francisco and you’ll come across this theatre that has been named “DIE IN”, due to the gruesome murders that occurred. Enter if you dare…

Mike Aiello on Twitter: San Fran will have All Nite Die-in! This derelict drive in will contain horrors from both classic and contemporary films..Depending on when you walk through you will see b&w film characters or modern day colorized characters!

Also, Mike said:  We will also have chainsaw wielding roaming hordes in areas where the scarezones are not!  

Chainsaw Bigades Confirmed!


The Carnage Returns — Jack the Clown is taking Halloween Horror Nights back in a blaze of murderous mayhem with his army of feared followers and his companion in carnage, Chance. Remember, Jack always has the last laugh.

Mike Aiello on Twitter: And finally!! THE CARNAGE RETURNS!!! Jack and Chance are back in an all new stage show across from Mel's..They will "Celebrate the Kill" along with their Maniacs!!!

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure — Of course, they’re back in an all-new Halloween adventure. I could never describe the hilarious insanity of that show. It has to be seen to be believed. Party on, dudes!

So there you have it!  Let us know what you think!  Tickets and info can be obtained at ,  be sure to listen to the Dead Man's Diegest as Nina, Greg and I will discuss the full reveal!